Monday, December 22, 2014

Secret Santa anger Joke Secret Santa gift ruined my career

Remember: Nice coffee mug = good; reindeer that shits raisins = career-ending insult. Got that?

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Speeding drivers anger

Lancashire Telegraph: Cars clocked at 59mph in 20mph zone

A proper story illustrated with the classic bewildered arm shrug.

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Sweary mum anger

Bromley News Shopper: Woman arrested for swearing outside school

Over 500 comments on this one, and she's in there from the off. Pure local newspaper gold.

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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Christmas decorations anger

Dorset Echo: Residents told to take down Christmas decorations 'due to fire risk'


Petrol theft anger

Southampton Daily Echo: Some nerk is drilling holes in petrol tanks to steal fuel

Some other nerk in the comments suggests "the courts should jail for 10 year the thieves when they are caught, insteda of saying dont do it again, plus the thieves should have to pay DOUBLE the cost of the damage they caused to each victim. if they dont pay up then the state will take their house, car & or their benefits!"

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Santa parking ticket anger

Nottingham Post: 'Santa' gets a ticket while delivering presents

You're not really Santa, and your sleigh is a Seat Ibiza. Apart from that, you're in the clear.

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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Assault course anger

Bexley News Shopper: Chap in sensible anorak upset about holes outside his house

Amazingly, he's got exactly the same sensible anorak as North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Il.

Sensible anoraks don't get much more sensible than that. No wonder the troops have gone crazy.

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Christmas lights anger

Portsmouth News: Shopkeep tries to get Christmas lights, gets a load of red tape instead

With a picture of what no Christmas lights might look like

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Dug up driveway anger

Lancashire Telegraph: Mum OUTRAGED as son tells workmen it's OK to dig anywhere they like

And it's proper, old school ALL CAPS outrage too.

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Friday, December 19, 2014

Free parking anger

Essex Chronicle: Shopkeeps annoyed by traffic chaos caused by free parking

You know - extra customers, just before Christmas.

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Lottery machine anger

Brentwood Gazette: Shopkeep 'losing money to faulty lottery machine'

Face it mate, we're all losing money etc etc etc

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Bus service anger

Bristol Post: New Metro Bus service 'will strip away pavement'

Two things to note here:

1. David Bowie at the back in his 'Labyrinth' wig

2. Coat with a huge green penis

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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Dodgy car anger

Kent Online: Woman quite annoyed at local car dealership

I see your problem, you've bought a Vauxhall.

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Pothole hyperbole anger

Hendon and Finchley Times: Pothole 'could drown a small child'

Only if it were drunk

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Stay out of our town anger

Hull Daily Mail: Beverley 'becoming town of old people' say identical twins

I don't suppose he sees the irony.

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