Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Cycle path anger

Eastern Daily Press: Man chains himself to tree in protest against cycle path

Not going to tell you which side to take, but just pointing out: Chelsea fan.

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Fly tipping anger

Sunderland Echo: Idiot flytippers leave their names and addresses with rubbish


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Not allowed to vape in school

Bolton News: Kid not allowed to use electronic cigarette in school

"At least it's stopped him smoking," says mother-of-the-year. Well done mum.

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Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Lack of respect hairy vicar anger

Essex Echo: Vicar upset after yobs rip up remembrance wreaths

Seriously, catch these scrotes, and get this man to a barber.

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One-man bollard anger

Burton Mail: Man vows to become one-man bollard to protect pedestrians

When he dies, dip his body in acrylic plastic, and he can have his wish forever

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Trapped in car showroom anger

Derby Telegraph: Couple trapped on garage forecourt after staff lock up and go home

He escaped. His wife is still in there.

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Monday, October 05, 2015

Outdoor seating anger

Hull Daily Mail: Vanessa Delicatessen barred from having outside seating by council

Disappointed to learn that she's not actually called Vanessa Delicatessen. CHANGE YOUR NAME.

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Smashed cars anger

Portsmouth News: Yobs go on the rampage in Southsea

Southsea! This is on a par with armed insurrection.

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Wedding reception anger

Bournemouth Echo: Wedding plans thrown into chaos as venue owners flee to Canada

Here's a shocker - not one comment out of three dozen calling the victims "attention seekers".

Vengeful deity broke my TV anger

Somerset Guardian: Shop staff tell customer fly damage to his TV screen is "an act of God"

Deliberately turn off Songs of Praise halfway through, and that's what you can expect. God's a git sometimes.

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Sunday, October 04, 2015

Polytunnel anger

Shropshire Star: Residents don't like plans for more polytunnels on farm land

But it's not the polytunnels they're objecting to, it's ...err... mud on the road. Yes. Musd on the road, and not the polytunnels. Honest.

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Carnival clown anger

Cambridge News: Carnival committee member upset after he discovers his colleagues don't think much of his clown mascot idea

Wondering out loud here - What do you think gave them that idea? I - for one - think a clown character based on a vampire being caught out by the rising sun is a fabulous idea.

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Diversion sign anger

Essex Chronicle: Driver claims to be confused by late-night diversions

Good quality head-scratching and pointing. Otherwise I might not have known what this story is about

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Saturday, October 03, 2015

Pensioner's disgusting back alley anger

Lancashire Telegraph: "When I said 'STAY AWAY FROM MY BINS', I didn't mean the bin men as well"

Who - we ask - will clean up this poor old lady's disgusting back alleyway? Oh, my sides, all that innuendo is killing me.

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Why do we have to fold up our pushchair to get on the bus anger

Hull Daily Mail: Why oh why oh why?

And all the sympathy you'd expect from the armchair warriors in the comments

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