Thursday, February 11, 2016

Cereal addiction anger

Worcester News: Man seeks help for his 13-a-day cereal habit

I dare say it's actually the sackload of sugar he's getting through every week to which he's addicted

Spotter's Badge: Tim, Mat

Empty swimming pool anger

Eastern Daily Press: School needs £25,000 to fix their swimming pool

Alternatively, just send any unwanted bottles of Evian you may have around the house, and they will be gratefully received.

Spotter's Badge: Dave

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Church vandalism anger

Stratford-upon-Avon Herald: Idiots smash windows at country's oldest church

This sounds like a job for THE SPANISH INQUISITION (pictured)

Spotter's Badge: Don

Charity theft anger

Hull Daily Mail: Thieves steal clothes from ex-offenders' charity

Luckily, the victim is guarding the most important trousers in the building.

Spotter's Badge: Ian

No gas for two days anger

Great Yarmouth Mercury: Couple go without gas heating for two days because the house next door burned down and some sort of rubbish about "safety"

He has the air of an evil preacher in a horror movie. He ought to go into acting and audition solely for roles as evil preachers in horror movies just to prove me correct.

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Flaming tumble dryer anger

Bournemouth Echo: I was warned my tumble dryer might catch fire, and it caught fire

One of the few direct hits predicted by Nostradamus.

Spotter's Badge: Kevin

Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Mail order snake anger

Hull Daily Mail: 'We spent £325 on a mail order snake and it turned up dead'

Rule of thumb: Don't buy mail order snakes.

Spotter's Badge: Ian, L0wey

Broken steps/rubbish hi-viz tabard anger

Essex Echo: Councillors wonder why oh why oh why nobody's maintained this pathway

Those are clearly the worst hi-viz tabards in the whole history of people wearing hi-viz tabards

Overgrown hedge anger

Lincolnshire Echo: Council tell man to cut back his 100 metre long yew hedge, or else

Get on with it, you clipper-shy layabout

Spotter's Badge: Christina

Monday, February 08, 2016

Worst New Years Eve EVER anger

Bexley News Shopper: There were not enough seats at golf club's New Year party and it was the worst New Year EVER

Worst ever? She didn't wake up freezing cold and puking in a gutter after 12 pints of heavy and whiskey chasers.
Oh wait, that was the BEST.

Spotter's Badge: Neil, Rich

Swans running amok anger

Stroud Life: Residents forced to tool themselves up with water pistols to fend off aggressive swans

"This is the Acme Super Squirter, the most powerful water pistol in the world - and you know, in all the excitement I don't know if I've fired five squirts or six. Do you feel lucky, punk?"

Sleep in the bath anger

Northampton Chronicle: Family of seven told to sleep in the bath or on the dining room table to create space

Do not - for the love of all that is holy - read the comments on this one, unless you are a fan of racism and/or very stupid people.

Spotter's Badge: Hazel

Sunday, February 07, 2016

Train vandalism anger

Sunshine Coast Daily: Fury as graffiti artists str....holy crap, look at those shorts

A treat in the comments, where there are calls to have the culprits beaten up by the police

Spotter's Badge: Rob J

Bogbrush haircut anger

Plymouth Herald: Bad haircuts land kids in isolation at school

For those of you trying to keep up: The current fashion for school ties appears to be FAT TIES.

Spotter's Badge: Stephen

Council graffiti anger

Oxford Mail: Oxford City council to get tough on graffiti

The original headline was "Authorities search for solutions as graffiti doubles in a year", but I expect they found the solvents they needed in B&Q