Friday, February 27, 2015

Mouldy beans anger

Bolton News: Me beans went off

Marvellous gurning for the camera

Spotter's Badge: Tim, Karen

Stolen tree anger

Lowestoft Journal: Please stop stealing my trees

Police have released an e-fit of the suspect:

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Flooded car park anger

Gloucestershire Echo: Some business around two car parks, a verbal agreement and a parking fine that even those involved don't understand

... but looks set to go all the way to the Hague War Crimes tribunal.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Wheelie bin row anger

South Wales Argus: 'Council confiscated my wheelie bin' claims area man

I love the way they have photoshopped a picture of a wheelie bin into the angry pose. Seamless, you'll agree.

Spotter's Badge: Darren

Hospital anger

Hartlepool Mail: Protest over loss of hospital services

I'm going to call this: A campaign T-shirt over your regular clothes is NEVER a good look

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Sexting anger

Taranaki Daily News: Small boy gets fruity text messages intended for prostitute

Alldridge rung one of the callers and the man who answered told her he got the number from the Taranaki Daily News personal section. 


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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Rhino attacked my car even though I'm from Halesowen anger

Birmingham Mail: Safari park visit started as a fun family day out, but ended in MINDBLOWING TERROR

ITV Central have many, many pictures of aggrieved mum looking aggrieved. But they're not a local newspaper and rules are rules.

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Cycle scheme anger

Brisbane Courier Mail: Shopkeeps want council to remove cycle scheme bikes

Yeah, stupid sustainable transport policies.

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Village development anger

East Anglia Daily Times: Pressure group fear the worst over plans for 250 homes

They mean business, they've got name badges and a gazebo and everything

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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

In which I attempt to defend my funniest UK blogger title ...err... anger

Like sort sort of damn fool, I've decided to defend this blog's Funniest UK Blog title this year.

Here's the thing, the top prize is £100, and it's a nice round sum that - should I win - I might well give to a deserving cause. Possibly even somebody from these pages photographed pointing angrily at something, and deserve a little bit of redress. Hell, I'll even track down Sausage Lady and pay her back for the light ribbing she's been taking on this site.

So. Get across to The Dog's Doodahs and nominate this (or any other) blog or comedy social media account. LET'S DO SOME GOOD.

Stolen tools anger

Derby Telegraph: Crime victim sees his £20,000 of stolen goods on sale on Gumtree

So, no buying them, arranging a local pick-up, and taking some hefty friends along to seal the deal then? Not that we condone that kind of behaviour because that would be WRONG.

Spotter's Badge: Jon

Heritage site anger

Whitehorse Leader: Opinion split on heritage status for old hotel

Mrs Mangel, for one, is all for a listing for Lassiter's.

Spotter's Badge: Rob

Playscheme funding anger

Oxford Mail: Fury, despair, longing looks into the middle distance as funding for playscheme is axed

They seem a little grown-up for it, anyway.

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Monday, February 23, 2015

Shopping delivery anger

Fleet News and Mail: Asda got our online shopping delivery wrong and we've waited two weeks for a refund. Also, they crashed into our car


2. I love the fact that this story is more about getting casserole mix instead of stir fry mix than having their car totalled by the delivery driver.

Stuffed parrot anger

South Wales Evening Post: Woman and her parrot don't want local attraction to close

However, the council leader and his stuffed cat are all for it.

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